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■ Compatible with digital SLR cameras.
 RD2000 is compatible with E-TTL II for Canon
 RD2000 is compatible with i-TTL for Nikon
The compact design of this flash supports the latest digital SLRs. With its exceptional portability, it demonstrates its full effectiveness in photographs of nighttime get-togethers or at weddings―shooting scenes you cannot cover completely with the camera's built-in flash.

Description of Parts

Powered by 2-AA batteries in a compact and light body.
At full power, it can be fired approximately 280 times. It charges in approximately 4 seconds (when using Ni-MH batteries), and is more durable than you would expect from something so compact.

Guide Number 20 (ISO 100・m)
The maximum Guide Number 20.

Shoe mount type
When you are done shooting, you can rotate the shoe into the body as shown. It’s very convenient to carry around because it is so compact.

Compatible with TTL functions of digital SLR cameras.*
Compatible with the advanced flash output control function for Canon E-TTL II,Nikon i-TTL.
*with the exception of some models.

TTL signals are automatically recognized just by mounting and turning on.
The latest high-accuracy TTL signals are recognized by just mounting this flash on a camera and turning it on. This flash ensures the accurate, optimum, and high-quality lighting.

Auto power OFF function
It comes with an energy-saving function that will turn the power off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Vertical-Up 90°for bounce function

EV adjustment buttons enable free operations.
Easily increase and decrease flash output by using EV adjustment button. The photographer's intention can be freely represented by the EV adjustment function up to +/-1.0EV.
*5 steps (-1, -0.5, 0, +0.5, +1) can be set.

Built-in wide panel
Applicable to wide-angle lens, more than 16mm focal length. (APS-C size)

Firmware can be updated
Even if you buy a new camera at some point, you can update your flash with our latest firmware and continue to use it as is.
* Applies only to models from the same manufacturer.
Guide Number (ISO 100-m) 20
Flash Control Mode Canon: E-TTLII Nikon: i-TTL
Compatible Cameras Digital SLR cameras with above flash control mode.
Wireless Function -
Recycling Time *Full flashing Alkaline
2-AA approx. 5 sec.
2-AA approx. 4 sec.
No. of Flashes *Full flashing Alkaline
2-AA approx. 200
2-AA approx. 280
Auto Effective Range
(Focal Length at 35mm)
TTL Auto 1.0〜10m
Power Ratio -
Angle of Coverage Covers the focal length of 22mm or longer (APS-C size)
Covers the focal length of 32mm or longer
(when converted to 35-mm lm size)
Effective Range of AF Assist Light -
Flash Speed Approx. 1/800 sec.
Bounce Flash Vertical: Up 90°
Wide Panel 16mm (APS-C size)
24mm (when converted to 35-mm film size)
Zoom Position Display
(switch type)
(H*W*D) (w/o Shoe)
Approx. 43.5x60x88mm / 1.8x2.4x3.5in
Weight (w/o Battery) Approx. 100g / 3.5oz
Accessory -
EAN (maker code 4960436) For Canon 023980 For Nikon 024017