■ Compatible with digital SLR cameras.
 PF30X to be workable with E-TTLII for Canon
 PF30X to be workable with i-TTL for Nikon
 PF30X to be workable with ADI・P-TTL for Sony(α)
Completely adjusted for the latest TTL light control systems. Simple and smart flash dedicated to supporting digital SLR cameras. Robust functions to assist the reproduction of images such as EV adjustment function and bounce function are condensed in a compact and stylish body. Straightforward button layout and intuitive operability ensure comfortable operations. This is a must-have for perfect enjoyment of digital SLR shooting.

Description of Parts & LCD Display
*The shoe type for Sony α is different from the above photo.

Small and light weight body requires only 2 AA batteries.

Guide Number (ISO 100-m):30
Even with its smaller size, it has a guide number 30.

*Note1Compatible with TTL functions of digital SLR cameras.*Note1
Compatible with the advan-ced flash output control function for Canon E-TTL-II, Nikon i-TTL, SONY(α)ADI.
* Note1 : with the exception of some models.

TTL signals are automatically recognized just by mounting and turning on.
The latest high-accuracy TTL signals are recognized by just mounting this flash on a camera and turning it on. This flash ensures the accurate, optimum, and high-quality lighting.

TTL automatic check function
When shooting, the normal functioning of the TTL automatic function can be checked by the AUTO CHECK lamp in the rear panel.

EV adjustment buttons enable free operations.

* Photo shows all-lit image. (Not actual image)
Light volume can be easily changed with EV adjustment buttons.
The photographer's intention can be freely represented by the EV adjustment function up to +/-1.5EV.
* Seven steps (-1.5, -1, -0.5, 0, +0.5, +1, +1.5) can be set.

Vertical-Up 90°for bounce function

Auto Focus Assist Light supports focusing in low light situations.
When shooting in the dark or dim places, the near infrared assist light is automatically illuminated to enable automatic focusing.
Guide Number (ISO100 - m) 30
Flash Control Mode Canon: E-TTLII Nikon: i-TTL SONY(α): ADI, P-TTL
Power supply 2 size AA batteries (Alkaline, Ni-MH, NiCad)
Recycling Time *Full flashing Alkaline
2-AA approx. 10 sec.
2-AA approx. 8 sec.
No. of Flashes *Full flashing Alkaline
2-AA approx. 100
2-AA approx. 140
Auto Effective Range
(Focal Length at 35mm)
TTL Auto-F2 1.5-15 m
Effective range of
AF assist light
1-5 m
Angle of Coverage Covers the focal length of 19mm or longer (APS-C size)
Covers the focal length of 28mm or longer
(when converted to 35-mm film size)
Flash Speed Approx. 1/800 sec.
Bounce Flash Vertical-Up 90°
(H*W*D) (w/o Shoe)
Approx. 100x68x92mm/4x2.7x3.7in
Weight (w/o Battery) Approx. 220g/7.7oz
EAN (maker code 4960436) CA-eII for Canon 023782 NE-i for Nikon 023799 So-ADI for Sony(α) 023867