主な特徴 主な仕様

■ Compatible with digital SLR and 35mm film SLR cameras.
Produces a wide range of effects, from extreme close-up shots, such as floral close-ups or medical-use shots to portrait shots. The circular flash tube snaps on to your camera lens to eliminate shadows. It also comes equipped with the flash auto function. By using digital slave unit DSU-01, two flash lights are available.

Performance in Manual Mode
Power Ratio Guide Number (ISO 100・m) Flash Speed
1/1 16 1/200sec.
1/2 11 1/1000sec.
1/4 8 1/2000sec.
1/8 5.6 1/4000sec.
1/16 4 1/8000sec.
1/32 2.8 1/10000sec.
1/64 2 1/20000sec.
1/128 1.4 1/40000sec.
1/256 1 1/60000sec.
  Shooting Distance (ISO 100・m) (m)
Power Ratio f/stop
  22 16 11 8 5.6 4 2.8 2 1.4
1/1 0.7 1 1.4 2 2.8 4 5.6 8 11
1/2   0.7 1 1.4 2 2.8 4 5.6 8
1/4     0.7 1 1.4 2 2.8 4 5.6
1/8       0.7 1 1.4 2 2.8 4
1/16         0.7 1 1.4 2 2.8
1/32           0.7 1 1.4 2
1/64             0.7 1 1.4
1/128               0.7 1
1/256                 0.7

Description of Parts & LCD Display

Boasts the largest Guide Number for ring flashes in this class:16
Very fine light control available through a power ratio from Full to 1/256. Provides ample support for sophisticated macro shots where you want to capture nuances accurately by giving you a very fine flash.

Compatible with various digital SLR and 35mm film SLR cameras. *
Whether shooting macro shots or portraits, you can achieve a variety of expressions with the flash auto in addition to
the manual mode, which provides a uniform amount of light with no unevenness.
* Not compatible with Sony α-series cameras.

You can achieve a variety of lighting results in your shooting
With the auto16R pro as your main flash, you can use it in combination with the digital slave unit DSU-01* for manual ring of the PZ42X or PZ40X. Or with the PZ42X or PZ40X as your main flash, you can use the auto16R pro with the digital slave unit DSU-01.

Circular flash tube

Using a clip-on flash.

Using the auto16R pro.
Some unique characteristics are its special softness and sense of
transparency, because it can project an even amount of light across the entire surface. It will not create shadows in the background, even at close distances.

Focus light

Lighting-up the focus lights.
There are four compact, white LED lights which can provide autofocus assit or can be used as a modeling lamp for manual focusing.

Can support up to 77mm lenses.
Comes with adapter rings (58mm, 62mm, 72mm) standard.
Guide Number (ISO 100-m) 1〜16
Flash Control Mode Manual (Power Ratio, Multi), Flash Auto
Compatible Cameras Digital and film SLR cameras.
Wireless Function -
Recycling Time *Full flashing Alkaline
4-AA approx. 8 sec.
4-AA approx. 7.5 sec.
No. of Flashes *Full flashing Alkaline
4-AA approx. 100
4-AA approx. 120
Auto Effective Range
(Focal Length at 35mm)
Flash Auto 0.7〜8m
Power Ratio FULL,1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32,1/64,1/128,1/256
Angle of Coverage 80°×80°
Effective Range of AF Assist Light -
Flash Speed Approx. 1/200〜1/60,000 sec.
Bounce Flash -
Wide Panel -
Zoom Position Display
(switch type)
(H*W*D) (w/o Shoe)
Ring Flash Head: Approx. 120x120x32mm / 4.8x4.8x1.3in (excl. cord)
Power Supply: Approx. 130x75x65mm / 5.2x3x2.6in
Weight (w/o Battery) Ring Flash Head: Approx. 150g / 47.3oz
Power Supply: Approx. 300g / 10.5oz
Accessory Adapter ring (Φ58, 62, 72mm)
EAN (maker code 4960436) 023973