TOCAD ENERGY CO.,LTD. (referred to as “we” hereinafter) is fully aware that products, commodities, parts, and services and other transactions with customers must comply with laws. For the private information protection law, which has taken effect, we work toward protecting private information safely and properly based on our “Private Information Protection Policies” below:
Private Information Protection Policies
 1.Laying out of compliance program and its continuous improvement
We lay out, implement, and maintain a compliance program (including "Private Information Protection Policies," "Private Information Protection Fundamental Regulations," "Private Information Protection Implementation Regulations," "Internal Audit Regulations," "Safety Measures Regulations," "Emergency Measures Regulations," and other regulations, rules, etc.). On occasions such as periodic internal audits and reviews by the CEO/President, we improve this compliance program continuously in order to protect private information safely and properly.
 2.Handling of Private Information
Following the “Private Information Protection Regulations” based on the “Private Information Protection Policies,” and other regulations and rules, we establish the management framework considering our in-house organizations (business activities of each department and their scales) so that private information can be collected, used, and provided properly.
 3.Implementing Safety Measures
We implement safety measures including information security measures to take proper actions to provide prevention and correction against incorrect access to private information, as well as the loss, damage, falsification, and leakage of private information so that we can secure the safety and correctness of private information.
 4.Compliance with Legal Regulations and Other Principles
We handle private information by complying with the legal regulations and other principles applied in association with private information.
 5.Respecting the Rights of Information Subjects
We respect the rights of information subjects (the persons to whom the information refers) and therefore we rationally accede to requests made by an information subject (the person to whom the information refers) for the disclosure, correction, and deletion of information about his or her self, and the refusal of its use or provision.