With the innovations made in digital camera technology and the popularization of digital cameras, we feel more than ever "your needs for photographic expression."
As an electronic flash manufacturer, what can we do to answer this need? We can provide support for digital photography in all scenes.
For more than 40 years, SUNPAK has taken steps forward with the philosophy of providing its customers with "advanced functions, reliability in its products and a sense of security through services for the unexpected - all at a low price."
SUNPAK has taken full advantage of the techniques it has developed for electronic flashes for film cameras and applied them to the field of digital cameras.
"Light" is the very cornerstone of photographic expression. That holds true whether you are dealing with film cameras or digital cameras.
SUNPAK will continue to pursue "light" in photographs.
We do this so that you may better enjoy your photographs.
SUNPAK started in 1963 as a manufacturer specialized in external flash lights by its first model "SUNPAK 7". This model was broadly accepted for its slim body and horizontal shape in addition to SUNPAK quality.
Since then, SUNPAK has been introducing new concepts and leading external flash lighting innovation.